Bridgestone fits more than 50 New Holland tractors with VX-TRACTOR tyres



  • New Holland Vertragshändler - Lloyd Ltd

Ort & Land

  • Cumbria, Bishop Auckland, Newcastle, Dumfries und Kelso
  • Vereinigtes Königreich


  • New Holland
  • T6 & T7 Modell


  • VX-Tractor


  • John MORTON


Bridgestone's UK agricultural team has fitted the VX-TRACTOR tyre to more than 50 New Holland tractors at seven Lloyd Ltd agricultural branches in the north of England and Scotland.

The tyre, already chosen as an OE (original equipment) option by the tractor manufacturer, is now fitted on Lloyd Ltd's New Holland tractors at its branches in Cumbria, Bishop Auckland, Newcastle, Dumfries and Kelso.

The VX-TRACTOR tyre, already approved for certain New Holland T6 and T7 series tractors in the UK and Ireland, is now available on more tractors, the tyre manufacturer said.




Bericht über die festgestellten Vorteile des Reifens VX-TRACTOR

“Our clients do six to seven thousand hours of work and when they bring the tractors back there is still a good amount of tread left.  This makes the sale of a second-hand tractor much easier.”

“The VX-TRACTOR tyre offers great value and a return on investment, making it an easy decision to make for us. Certain of our clients do between 8000 and 9000 hours with this Bridgestone tyre, before even having to think about a replacement” Jonathan BELL –Dealership in Carlisle

“Saving on costs is always a priority for a business like ours, and the VX makes a big difference in this regard.” Andrew ROWLAND –Miller Contracting