Reduced tractor tyre wear after 2000 hours



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  • Auvergne-Rhônes-Alpes
  • Frankreich


  • John Deere
  • 6195 R Modell


  • VX-Tractor



These VX-Tractor tyres were fitted 2 years’ ago. They have done 2000 hours of extremely intensive use, 95% of which was on the road.

The rubber measurements show that the tyres are only half worn and can therefore be expected to last for around 4000 hours. This is well above what is recommended with other tyres.




We use the tractor essentially for transport with skips and extremely heavy loads.

Bericht über die festgestellten Vorteile des Reifens VX-TRACTOR

« With the previous tyres you could see that they needed replacing after 2000 hours whereas these tyres are only half worn and still in good shape. They are really doing very very well. »

« We demand a great deal from them, with the terrain, heavy loads, bends and ground traction.
We are on tarmac all the time, on hard ground, so we are really happy!!! »

« On the road, there is almost no pitching. »

« The tyres are barely showing signs of wear despite the harsh conditions. »

« I have already recommended these tyres to my colleagues and friends. »